Hi! Welcome to Midwestern Motherhood! I’m Alyssa, and I’m excited that you decided to make your way to my blog. I’m a mother of one, so far.. and the wife to an amazing man. I created Midwestern Motherhood to share my journey through motherhood AND to also share the tips and tricks that I learn along the way. Blogging has become a complete obsession to the point where I want to help others in starting their blogs and start making money from home. I hope you decide to stick around!.

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12 Gift Ideas For Baby’s First Christmas

Who loves Christmas!? I know I do.. Well guess what? It’s almost here! The shopping has begun BUT are you having a hard time deciding what to get your little one? During months 6 to 12 your baby is learning tons of new skills in such a short period of time. From rolling over, sittingRead More

Mom Shaming! It Needs To Stop!

Point blank. Mom shaming is wrong! Asserting your ideals onto a mom because you feel she is “doing it completely wrong.” It’s just not right. This topic has gotten under my skin for a long time. Honestly, I never knew the extent of mom shaming until I of course became a mom. It’s repulsive howRead More

Family Fall Bucket List

Summer is officially out the door and my favorite season of the year is here… FALL! Every season has its perks, but there is nothing quite like fall. It brings the falling leaves, the cooler weather, beautiful color, pumpkin-favored everything, all the great holidays, and so much more. This season is going to be theRead More

40 Fall Blog Post Ideas

Hi loves! I know fall arrived in September and it is now October but that is not going to stop me from spreading fall cheer. The leaves are starting to fall, the cooler weather has arrived, and I’m smelling pumpkin spice everything everywhere… Fall is my favorite time of the year and being that theRead More

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