How To Start A Blog From Scratch

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So you want to start a blog BUT you have no idea where to begin? No worries, I was in the same position when I wanted to start Midwestern Motherhood.

Starting a blog is easier than you think! I’m definitely not someone you would consider tech savvy, and I just jumped head first and did everything on my own. If I can do it, you definitely can and I’m here to help!

Let’s begin, shall we?


What do you want your blog to be about?

If your choice in starting a blog is to monetize it and start making money from the beginning than having a topic to focus on is key. It makes it easier for you to focus on the traffic that you want for your blog, and easier for them to find you. The MOST important thing when choosing a niche is choosing a topic that you can see yourself writing LONG-TERM about. If you can’t see this then believe me when I tell you to choose a different topic.

The choices are endless! Some popular ones are: Parenting, Lifestyle, Travel, Food, Health & Beauty, Fitness, and Finance.


If you plan on blogging as a hobby than using, Wix, or Blogger is totally fine. If you plan on making money from your blog, than you need to invest in getting a self-hosted blog.

The best thing is that having a self-hosted is affordable and you are able to do your own thing. Having a host will give you the ability to run ads, write sponsored posts, make money through affiliate thinks, etc.

I recommend getting hosting through SiteGround. The hosting is as low as $3.95/month!

SiteGround is fast, affordable, and they have AMAZING customer service. My site is hosted through SiteGround and I love everything about them.


This is the page you will see when you follow the link to SiteGround. You can go ahead and hover over hosting and select WordPress hosting.


It’s going to bring you to the page where you select a plan. I suggest starting with the GrowBig plan but of course you don’t need too. You will have everything you need in the StartUp plan PLUS you can always upgrade later to a premium plan.

Now the FUN part! Choosing your domain name…

You’re domain name is what represents your brand/blog, it’s your sites address on the web.

Make sure when choosing your domain name you go ahead and secure the name on social media platforms(Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) so that is easier for people to find you.

The next step is to enter all of your information..


You will then review everything and complete your order.

Yay! You are all set now! Go ahead and login to SiteGround!


Once you have logged into SiteGround, you will need to complete a few simple steps to get WordPress up and running.

  • Click on My Accounts —> Then hit “Go to cPanel”
  • On the cPanel page go press “WordPress Installer” and then “Install Now”

Bam! It’s simple as that…

You have officially set up WordPress! Go ahead and login!

You will be brought to a page that looks like this above..

You are officially ready to start building your website, writing blog posts, and bringing traffic to your site.

If you are still confused on how to start a blog you can always contact me via contact form or send an email to

Leave a comment below with your blog URL and I’ll be sure to check it out!

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