Tips For Traveling With An Infant

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Planning to take a trip by car with your infant?

Well it can be a bit of a challenge and takes some planning to make the experience a smooth one.
It can be a little intimidating, especially when it is your first time traveling with an infant. I will be the first to admit that I was a nervous-wreck when planning on taking my 6 month old on a 12 hour trip to Florida.

With a little planning I was able to make it a good experience even with our tire blowing out and sitting in traffic at a dead stop for 3 hours.

In this post I’m sharing some tips that could help with making your experience a smooth one.

Lets be real, traveling with an infant can be very unpredictable. There is no way of telling ahead of time how your baby is going to react to being in a vehicle for that long. You could either have the experience of your baby sleeping the entire way OR your little one could throw the biggest fit the moment they are placed in their car seat. They could scream the entire way making it where you never want to leave your house again.

Here you will find tips to make traveling by car with a baby as easy as it possible can be:


Some people don’t like to travel at night, and I completely understand BUT timing your trip to coincide with your baby’s sleep routine can be very helpful. If you don’t like traveling at night than you always can plan to leave when your baby takes a long nap. At least that way you can knock out some driving while your little one peacefully sleeps. When I planned my trip to Florida, I made sure to leave right when my son was usually goes to bed. Since I did that, my son slept the entire way to Florida.


Having someone to travel with can make things much easier. You could have someone driving and someone sitting in the back with baby to keep them entertained and happy. That saves you from experiencing a complete meltdown because they are in the backseat by themselves and bored. It also helps to have someone to switch off with when it comes to driving, that way you can take a nap when you’re tired. Safety is also number one and having you tired and driving is not safe for you nor baby.


When you are traveling with a baby, plan for frequent stops. Remember this journey is probably going to take a lot longer traveling with a baby than when you traveled by yourself. It’s good to stop and get baby out so that they can stretch and play (if they are old enough). Also, it’s smart to stop and feed baby whether you are breastfeeding or feeding by bottle. Incase baby starting choking, you would immediately be able to care for baby than if you were feeding them in their car seat. It is also NOT safe to remove baby from car seat while driving to feed them.


Bring lots of toys! This will help with keeping baby entertained if they are awake. You want to bring enough so that you can introduce a new toy each time because it stimulates their mind and helps with them not getting bored and grouchy. You do not want a grouchy baby in the car!


If you do not breastfeed this is a wonderful idea. For convenience, I pre-made bottles with water, and when my son was hungry all I had to do was mix in the formula. I recommend using this dispenser made by Joovy for storing formula until it is ready to be mixed. With it being in a dispenser it is already measured out and ready for a bottle. You can also use ready-to-feed formula!


If you are planning to drive during the day make sure you protect you baby from the sun during long car trips. I recommend using this sun shade that you can easily attach to the windows in your vehicle.


Babies are unpredictable and so is when they are going to have a blow out or some other kind of accident. Make sure you are prepared and pack enough diapers and wipes in their diaper bag, along with back up clothes. That way you are not having to dig through your luggage in the back when this happens.


Safety is so important when traveling. Always make sure your baby’s car seat is secure along with your car being in shape to travel a long distance. Always follow the law when driving. If you get tired, then find a hotel to sleep or if you have someone with you then switch off to let them drive and you get rest.
Traveling by car with an infant can be scary and exhausting. I hope these tips will help you have a nice ride with your little one. If you want to share any additional tips, then please share below in the comments. I’m always up for learning more!

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